Pawnbroker - Jerry Hatchett Some Days Are Just Bad For Business

4.75 stars

This is a tightly woven, plot driven tale of an average person ripped from his comfortable, yet predictable life and thrown into a seedy underworld of corruption, greed, and murder. Though aware that his quaint little town was not as wholesome as it may first seem, Gary soon discovers that the flaws he knew just barely scratched the surface.

Hatchett’s writing style manages to give you the world of the story without bogging down the pace with extraneous details for the sake of flourish. From the first scene, you are right there in thick of it, scrambling along with Gary as his life tilts impressively out of control. The ensemble casts of characters are entertaining, the humor is sharp, and the plot twists will leave you unable to put the book down until the last sentence.

Though I can definitely feel safe in recommending this novel to any fans of the thriller or mystery genre, it is not without a word of warning: if you need to get up early the following morning, it may not be best to start this book right before bed. Sleep will be lost.

* I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*