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Covers: A Gentle Request

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Can I ask a favor? I'm not sure if I have a touch of OCD, am offended by the color green or if I'm just a little off but I cannot seem to abide these in my feed. 



I have to go in and fix them whenever I see them in my feed. Is anyone else like this? I don't mind doing it but some days I spend more time adding book covers than I do reading my feed. I'm not sure if everyone knows this but Booklikes lets anyone add a book cover (where only a green one is showing) without having to edit or submit a book report. All you have to do is go over to Amazon (or any other affiliate link), right click on the cover, save it to your computer and upload it here by clicking add cover. 


And on that note, if you see anything wonky with any book that you cannot fix, please feel free to hit the report button or submit the edit yourself. *


*Edited to add, if you see a missing cover add that first and then submit your edit so the green disappears right away.


Thanks in advance!

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BookLikes How to: inserting book page links and cover thumbnail links to books on BookLikes

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BookLikes bloggers are amazing supporters and their blogs are full of awesome resources, and tips&tricks not only for BookLikes newbies but also regular bloggers.

Please welcome Debbie in the BookLikes How to section. We're republishing her post (originally published on her blog in April 2017) with some nice tips about book links on BookLikes. Great work, Debbie!

Enjoy all!



Runaway Robot - Lester del Rey -- A guest post by Debbie from Debbie's Spurts


The large bookcover at left (dashboard view) you get by choosing "post" on book pages, "update and publish" on currently reading display or by pressing the large "plus" sign when creating/editing posts. 


If in the text of your posts you want to link to book page (like Runaway Robot - Lester del Rey ) or with book cover thumbnails like:

Runaway Robot - Lester del Rey then read on for screenshots and instructions.


(Of course, you can also use the URLs to the book pages to link but this method is the booklikes equivalent of goodreads' "add book/author" and LibraryThing's "touchstones".  For some odd reason, possibly just cross-posting, I keep seeing booklikes posts with  links to the book pages on other sites rather than to booklikes book pages.)


When creating or editing a post, you click on the plus'ed book cover to see additional options.



Pressing the photo/image icon now showing on upper left of bookcover inserts a cover thumbnail that links to booklikes page:




Pressing the gray chain/link icon inserts a text link to the booklikes book page:




Pressing the "X" leaves anything in body of your post intact but removes the big giant opening bookcover.




[I'm also seeing lots of posts linked to books with green-missing-image covers that also include a hand inserted image of the bookcover.  If you have the cover image available to insert manually in your posts, please consider taking the time to help your fellow readers and beef up the booklikes database by visiting the book page and clicking "add cover" underneath that empty cover:



When a missing cover gets added, the "+" cover automatically updates; the thumbnail added to body/text of your post must be reinserted.


Happy writing and linking!


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