Blaze Ignites

Blaze Ignites - J.L. Madore Fiery, Fantastical Fun

This was a fun and funny ride that I found thoroughly enjoyable. This series is one I plan to follow. The writing is easily visual and the dialogue is witty. Within this modern twist on a Fae world, you’ll encounter a motley crew of endearing characters. That has distinct voices that seem to flow naturally from personality. My favorite among them was Lexi.

I hope that in further installments, we get to explore more of the world and the different beings briefly touched on throughout the book. My curiosity was more than a little piqued by the thought of all the different realms and societies striving to co-exist.

My only momentary obstacle in the book was that the rescue of Galan’s sister seemed somewhat anti-climatic. There seemed to be this big build up for a big, dangerous rescue and it went another direction. Took me a minute to acclimate and go on with the story, I must admit. However, I am curious to see where the stories go next.

With just the right dash of sizzling romance, a few tears, many laughs, and plenty kicking of bad guy booty … this is an afternoons reading well spent.

** Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review.**