Lust Unleashed

Lust Unleashed - Desiree Holt A Lusty Detour on the Path of Revenge

3.25 Stars

I was intrigued by the concept, especially the Chupacabra angle, but things just felt rushed for me. The concept warranted a longer story, and most of the little things that kept this from rating it four stars stem from wanting more of the story. Thinking that more time was needed with the characters, more of an arch in the insta-love story of Jonah and Dakota, more time fleshing out the characters, and of course more about the shifter elements of the story. But some of that is because I have a weakness for a good shifter tale.

The taste of the series was still an enjoyable one. The intimate scenes held a definite high sizzle factor. I wanted to know more about the group, characters, the world within the world we take for granted, and the resolution of the hunt for the killer left a greater mysteries to answer.

Overall, the book was enjoyable and I will probably move on to the next in the series.