A Beautiful Truth

A Beautiful Truth - Colin McAdam How Brutal is Truth

Finishing the book left me with a heavy feeling and is probably one that I will not read again, yet I am glad that I did. The subject matter is not one of my usual choosing… having strong opinions on animal research and testing. This is a powerful piece of prose will stick with me for a long time to come.

The unorthodox writing style and rapid fire jumping from viewpoint to viewpoint at times makes for a clunky, even disjointed, flow to the reading. There was a flatness to the characterization for the human characters left me feeling cold towards them. I reacted emotionally to the situations, but not so much from the characters inhabiting them. Barring Looee the chimpanzee raised by a sweet, though misguided couple.

This book may be a bit too much for some of the mainstream fiction readers out there.

** This book was won as a Goodreads First Reads **