Ethereal Fury

Ethereal Fury - Jessica O'Gorek I Knew It! Everyone should be Scared of Gemini

3.5 Stars

I will start this off by taking a moment to say I really wish that it were possible to give half stars with the ratings. Because this was another book that I just was not able to give four stars, but it deserved a bit more than just a three.

Have to say that the blurb for this one caught my attention enough for me to pick something that is a little outside my usual reading material. It was the concept of Mother Earth recruiting an army, as it were, that both made me want to find out what happens and gave me the greatest stumbling block to shutting off my internal naysayer and just enjoying the ride.

Took me a few moments to get over my own ideas about how just a strategic barrage of natural disasters would rid the earth of her nuisances a heck of a lot quicker. Then perhaps there would be a need for a small army to pick off the stranglers? But of course all this thinking is more militaristic and less romantic … and we gotta have the romance. So I gave my inner critic some candy to keep her busy and jumped right into the story.

My next stumbling block turned out to be the targets chosen up to that point in this war. Burning down small towns, possessing people, infiltrating churches and orphanages, murdering kids, didn’t sit well with me as far as steps to destroy an enemy effectively. Unless they are practice runs for something far larger? If you can possess people, why not ones holding some sort of power? All of the questions I had did prove to further my curiosity enough for me to hope I’ll get my answers in the next installment of the series.

I enjoyed the writing style once the book really got rolling and could see the potential for the characters to show even more growth as the series progresses. The middle of a conversation ending may be found annoying by some readers (not one for the cliffhangers myself), but the author makes amends by giving us a little taste of the next book to smooth things over.

I feel comfortable recommending it to most fans of star-crossed lovers, or generally for readers age 16+

*** I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. ***