For Her Pleasure

For Her Pleasure - Kyoko Church If The Shoe Fits…

3.5 Stars

I struggled with the rating of this book. I found myself caught between appreciating the writing style and not particularly enjoying the kinks explored within it.

There’s a confidence in the writing that is refreshing, you can feel that the author believes in her work. And the character interaction and more intimate scenes are sure to work for readers who are fans of humiliation and foot worship. The lap dance scene was quite fun. For good or ill, you may never think of the problem of premature ejaculation the same again.

My problems, and I feel that word is a bit heavy handed in this instance, with the book is my lack of connection with the main character. This coolness to Paul/Collin has more to do with my issues with infidelity and humiliation than with the story itself. Though even if I had been able to completely set aside these issues, the ending would have killed the story for me. I know I can be a sappy soul sometimes, but I really do love my erotica to have at least a hopeful ending.

And I just ended up being kind of confused by the unstable friend subplot in the book. Just didn’t feel part of the same story.

** Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review.**