Emotional Intelligence 2.0

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 -  'Jean Greaves', 'Travis Bradberry' A Heart for Business

3.75 Stars

I found this book to be an interesting introduction to a topic I had heard mentioned but was unfamiliar. At the books end I can say that even though I’m still not familiar enough with the concept of Emotional Intelligence to honestly attest to the level of importance that the author gives it to be, but I do believe that just about anyone’s life could be enriched by implementing the steps and tips contained within the chapters. Even if we do not truly know to what extent our emotions control outcomes in our lives, we cannot deny that they do play a role. That we all are creatures of both thought and emotion and that our world is colored by the interplay between the two.

I found the laid back writing style to be possibly less intimidating for a novice to this concept. The book had the style more of intimate conversations on the topic, rather than a class lecture.

If I had to choose anything they was off-putting in this book it would be that I thought there could have been a few less pitches for the authors other products and programs on the topic. Personally, I have never been one to enjoy the feeling of getting a ‘hard sale’ from anyone.

** This book was won as a Goodreads First Reads **