Blinders Keepers

Blinders Keepers - John Rachel That’s The Ameri-can Way People

4.5 Stars

I was so close to giving this one five stars that I am still questioning my decision as I type this. If not for a few more technical than anything else nitpicks that would pull take me out of the story just long enough for me to notice, I would definite give this novel the full five stars.

This book turned out to be one of the most pleasant surprises that I have had in my recent readings. The writing is crisp and very witty. The author seemed to easily paint a picture that you couldn’t help but experience, even the scenes you might not to, without bogging down the pace with long passages of description. There are several laugh out loud moments which might garner you some strange looks if you’re in public … or some dirty looks from cats that you’ve woken, as was in my case. For me, the President stole the show.

This book is a strange trip with a motley crew of characters you might not soon forget.

*** I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. ***