The Dragon Witch

The Dragon Witch - Drako The War of the Gods Has Begun

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

In this installment of the continuation of The Dragon Hunters Series, the Titan Cronus has found the help he needed to regain his foothold in existence. Seeking the throne of Olympus and the reign he lost eons ago to his son Zeus. Aided by Lucifer, who is fueled by own desires for further power, this former God King sets out on a course to awaken his fellow titans and seek his revenge. Caring little about who may try to stop him.

But, there are those who know he must be stopped and they are willing to give him a fight worthy of making his last defeat seem like a pleasant stroll through the park. The Olympian Gods have joined forces with the Dragon Gods and all of their respective progeny to save all of existence. The battles ahead promise to be epic…

The story is fast-paced and action-packed as we start up again in the lives of the characters we came to know in our introduction in the series, The Lost Dragon. Almost the major players are back for round two as well as a few new ones. There are new realms to explore as the reader is shown even more of the world these powerful beings rule. Again, I was left wishing for more time to visit and see these places, both the good and the bad, but there’s always more opportunities to do just that in the next books.

I, like the Dragon God Jarel, missed the sarcastic wit and amazing fighting skills of the phoenix Vic in this tale. Seriously crossing fingers that his character returns for the third book, he is just so well written and the interactions with his comrades are highly entertaining. Though that being said, this book didn’t lack for its share of wit and sarcasm… thanks to Ares (another of my favs).

This book had a level of intensity, of edge that the first novel did not quite have. The stakes are higher. The battles are bigger. The emotions are taut and an undercurrent of angst fills many of the scenes. Yet, still within the chaos and the danger there is still chances for love and hopes for happiness in the future. You truly feel along with the characters that you are building up for something that even if in the end is won, the price paid could be great.

Even though this book is supposed to be Victoria’s story, it truly is an ensemble piece. And it works well that way. But of course I wanted more time with Victoria. Who wouldn’t want to have more scenes with a shaped-shifting daughter of a dragon god and the goddess of magic. I would happily read an entire series based on each of the Damone family members.

I don’t wish to go enter too much more detail because I would hate to spoil the ride for everyone else, but I will say that for some of the more sentimental and sensitive readers out there you may want to have a box of tissues handy as you near the end.

Would definitely recommend this series to all open-minded readers who like their adventure to be served with a mystical twist.