Black Heart

Black Heart - Morgan Dreiss Don’t Go Taking My Heart

3.5 Stars
This gave a neat little spin on the paranormal romance genre for me. I have always enjoyed the idea of a vampire and werewolf pairing, and this couple made an interesting fit. And the humorous portrayal of the characters left me wishing that there had been more time to get to know them. I really wanted to see just how a compulsively clean vampire and a hurricane of disastrous fun werewolf could truly make their life together work. The brother is a hoot as well. If this becomes a series, I really hope we get to explore all three of those characters with added depth and learn more about the societal setup in the author's take on this co-mingled world.

The concept is intriguing, though I must admit it taking some getting used to the idea of a human being able to overpower a supernatural creature. However, once I let that stereotype go and just decided to enjoy the ride it was rather a fun little read.

* I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*