Hers to Command

Hers to Command - Patricia A. Knight 3.95 Overcharged Diaman Crystals Ready to Burst

The opening of the novel starts a bit slow, though that is understandable given the need for establishing the world within the characters and the heart of the story dwell. For readers with the brief patience needed to absorb the information the rewards are well worth the wait. The story of Ari, Doral, and Fleur is one of how a destined love between a seemingly unlikely trio is the key to save a world in peril.

The concept is intriguing and once started, the pacing is just right to keep you reading until the very end. I was a little worried that I would have some trouble keeping up with all the names and planetary information from the opening, but there was no need to be so. The author kept a tight control on the story and everything just flowed naturally from the introduction.

I am trying to keep this review as “spoiler free” as possibly can. Don’t want to take away from anyone's enjoyment of the getting lost in the ride.

Each of the three leads in this story are easy to care about and draw you in, but the true gem of this book for me was Doral. He is a fascinating character and so deserving of the love that finds him. The tension and eventually culmination of the passion between he and Ari is by far the hottest and most felt scenes in the book.

Add the feisty, feminine touch of Fleur to the mixture and you have a grouping that fit naturally together in such a wonderful way. It truly isn’t any wonder how the heat from these three can power a planet. Darn near melted my screen, that’s for sure.

Again, I am having to bite my tongue not to give it away … but the ending. The ending is just wonderful.

I would feel comfortable recommending it to any open-minded adults looking for a steamy read that shows that you can have great sex and a plot line.

** I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.**