Year of the Wolf

Year of the Wolf - Heather Heffner This One May Leave You Howling For More

The Alvarez family has already been through more than its fair share of upheavals by the time we are introduced to this motley crew of characters. This is a family fractured by infidelity, illness, and loss. After the mysterious disappearance of their sick older sister Marisol, their wayward mother thunders back into their lives. Blaming the father, she takes her remaining three daughters off to Seoul, South Korea, where she has made a modestly successful life for herself in the restaurant business. Their older brother Miguel left behind to take care of the broken man.

If it had been hoped that a change of locale would help end the trail of sorrows our heroine Citlalli soon learns the error in that idea. When after dragging her reluctant younger sister Raina to a seedy nightclub where the young girl is bitten by a strange woman. Soon after this strange attack, she begins showing signs of the same illness that had taken Marisol years before. Panicked and guilt ridden Citlalli vows to find out what is really happening and save her sister at all costs.

If only she had known just what those costs would be …

However, throughout the pages we come to know Citlalli well enough to know that she would have paid any price without much of a thought about it. Spirited and passionate, she has a habit of going with her gut more than her head when trouble comes calling. A real fighting spirit, even though she thinks of herself as more of a coward.

The characters are appealing and engaging enough to make you truly care for their story. The world is imaginative, intriguing, not quite like a lot of the other vampire books out there. Giving it a refreshing feel to the storytelling and helping with some of the surprises along the way. Many supernatural beings inhabit the world of this story, including some that the average American reader may not be very familiar with, but once introduced may be hungry for more about them.

There was a few moments of confusion that momentarily brought me out of the story. The rapid shifts in the timeline at the beginning were a bit hard to follow at first, though it wasn’t enough to make reading not worthwhile. And the first time it shifted from Citlalli’s perspective to Raina’s left me confused for a few paragraphs until enough details alerted me to the change.

My only other minor complaint, if they could truly be called as such, is the ending was a bit too much of a cliffhanger to get me much of a sense of closure. Good thing it is a series though. And a series I believe I will be continuing with.

This is a book I would feel very comfortable recommending to all paranormal fans out there. Or anyone else out there willing to give a witty urban fantasy a shot … it just might surprise you.

** I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.**