100 Ways to Be More Creative

100 Ways to Be More Creative - Ray Deck III Think, Dream, Act … Create

3.75 stars

This little book does deliver what the title promises … one hundred discussions on the nuts and bolts of creativity. Some are repetitive in nature and purposefully so, the act of creating is a full of repetition. Though most of the concepts were not new to me, I found the book to be enjoyable and at times actually thought provoking.

This is a subject of lifelong fascination for me. What drives us to create and the paths we travel to do so. I approached this book not necessarily needing help with coming up with ideas. -- I currently have enough of them to keep a cloned team of five busy for a few lifetimes as it is. -- It was more for the chance to explore other perspectives on what creativity is. However, if I did ever need help getting the ideas flowing some of the sections may indeed prove quite helpful. And not just with the start up point of a project, there are topics covered to help you move along the course all the way to completion. As well as some tips on how to move straight on to your next endeavor.

I would happily recommend this book to anyone who is perhaps a little nervous about taking those first steps to bring an idea from concept to tangible product.