Wicked Sexy

Wicked Sexy  - R.G. Alexander Just a Taste of Love, Lust, and Magic

3.49 Stars

Not a bad introduction to the world and I might continue to read this series. I thought the concept for this story was genuinely intriguing but it seemed like there just wasn’t enough time in the book for it to be fully developed. You can feel free to call me greedy, but I wanted more of a chance to get to know these characters. The suspense/thriller part of the plot ended up feeling rushed, which is a shame because the idea of someone hunting Magian girls in their own ritual spaces sounds like the makings of a great story.

The sex scenes were steamy. Rest assured that most fans of m-f-m frisky fun won’t be disappointed by this trio. However, for me the idea of siblings sharing a partner took some getting used to… that is not really one of my many kinks.