Human No Longer

Human No Longer - Kathryn Meyer Griffith Can a mother’s love beat the odds…

And withstand the unearthly hunger? The heroine of this character driven novel is forced to find out. The author skillfully takes all of us lucky mortals along for the ride as the at times chilling events unfold.

Jenny is the lone survivor of a vicious attack that left her a recently widowed mother of two, desperate to make ends meet in these tough economic times. As well as struggling to keep a deadly secret … she is no longer a mere human. How will she face the challenges that the normal person in these circumstances would face as she and her children have to return to quaint little Florida town of her childhood? All the while trying to juggle a strange new existence, powers she does not understand, and a hunger for blood that if goes unchecked will make her a danger to all that she loves. Even if she can find a way to cope, can she win the battle against the demons following her? Both of the metaphorical and terrifyingly literal variety. This is just a taste of what awaits within the pages of this tale.

This is more of a psychological tale of horror than one that relies on a high factor of gore. A fact that made it a far more enjoyable read for me, I prefer to be scared more than just disgusted. Given that vampire stories have been a hard to resist favorite of mine since I was little, the concept of this book alone was enough to grab my interest. Though the concept may have grabbed me, it was the well-developed characters and intriguing story that held me all the way to the end.

You hope for Jenny and you fall in love with the family and friends that surround her. This book is a worthwhile read for all those out there who do not want their vampires to sparkle or fall in love with teenagers. (Falling for Buffy Summers being a notable exception, who wouldn’t fall for a slayer?)

There are aliens, ghosts and vampires … it was just a couple of shape shifters away from a paranormal hoedown lineup. This would be a series I would not mind continuing.

*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*