The Mythic Guide to Characters

The Mythic Guide to Characters - Antonio Del Drago, Derek Bowen A Thoughtful Approach to the Task of Characterization

4.25 Stars

The topic of writing, with all its many facets, is already one very dear to this reviewer’s heart. Being both an avid reader and author myself, there has been a lifelong romance with the art of storytelling and the crafting of the written word that brings worlds to life. Finding endless fascination and pleasure in discovering other people’s thoughts on the subject, I have read extensively over the past few decades. I feel the upside in doing so is that I am rather open to hearing new strategies and viewpoints. A possible downside is that at times I can find myself being a stern critic when I feel I have been mislead or disappointed by an author, when offering something they did not deliver.

Any feelings of possible disappointment were far from on the radar when finished reading this title. This layered approach to character building is both insightful and easy to grasp even for those who have never taken a psychology class in their life. The author wisely gives a more comfortable feel to what may be new concepts by using popular fictional characters that most readers would have at least a passing familiarity with in his examples. The worksheet at the end of the book provides a straightforward structure for the reader to put to use the lessons held within the previous pages.

If asked what kept this from being a five star review it would be that I felt that the readers would have greatly benefited from a few brief exercises at the end of chapters. A somewhat proven standard in most books on similar topics, which would have presented the chance to explore each idea before moving forward with the next concept.

Even so, I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending this book to all beginning writers interested in developing characters capable of stepping right off the page and into the lives of their audience. Also, believe it is a worthy read for the more experienced writers who enjoy exploring new ideas about the work they are so passionate about pursuing.

* I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*