Dancing the River Lightly

Dancing the River Lightly - R.H. Sheldon A Dance You May Never Wish To End

Who could resist a book that promises whiskey, magic mushrooms, and a cameo or two by god?

This was one of the more surprising and enjoyable reading experiences that I have had in months, I only wish that there were more than five stars to give it. Don’t even mind the lack of sleep caused by a reoccurrence of the ‘just one more chapter and then bed’ syndrome of mine.

With the skill of a master craftsman, the author weaves together the lives of an eclectic casts of characters for an adventurous week of affirmations, revelations and wild weather. Even if you might not particularly like them within moments of their introductions, you feel as though you have known these characters all your life. They are your friends, neighbors, and even your family (whether you claim them or not).

*** This book was won as a Goodreads First Reads ***