Evan After

Evan After - Michael C. Grumley And They All Lived Happily Evan After…

3.75 Stars

First off, I must say that I did enjoy this short novel enough to want to continue onto the next installment. I finished it in one sitting. This was an adequate starting tale for a series. Though I did wish, we got to know the character of Evan more.

The low-key style to the writing at times left me with this feeling of emotional distance from the characters that kept me from immersing into the story as much as I would have liked. Though overall, it is a well-written book. I can definitely see an appeal for fans of YA fiction.

A side note on the cover: I can understand why in some reviews the blandness of the cover potentially leaving the book overlooked by some shoppers. Though after reading, the foggy look to the image did seem fitting.